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Hollywood Parents and their Famous Kids

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There are a lot of famous parents, whose children can easily outdo them with their talents. Many of them have followed their father`s footsteps in order to become successful. These world-known parents are extremely proud of their offspring, who managed to become a household name themselves.

Let`s find out about our favorite celebrity father-son and father-daughter duets.

Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus

Billy Ray Cyrus is a country star and his daughter is an extremely talented singer and actress. They acted together in Hannah Montana, where their father-daughter duet was really powerful and impressive. They are really close and they enjoy spending their working and free time together.

Donald and Ivanka Trump

Donald Trump is not only a good father for her daughter, he is also her boss. Ivanka Trump has been working for his father`s organization since 2005. She is an estate developer and owns her own lifestyle collection.

Phil and Lily Collins

Lily Collins is a daughter of a famous rock star Phil Collins. She has become a successful actress and model. However, she has never used her father`s name to achieve her career heights.

Zoe and Lenny Kravitz

Zoe Kravits is a talented daughter of her famous parents. Her mother, Lisa Bonet, is an actress, and her father, Lenny Kravitz, is a famous actor and musician. She told InStyle, that he influenced her acting.

Bruce and Rumer Willis

The famous actor Bruce Willis has five wonderful daughters. Rumer Willis is the only one of them, who decided to follow her father`s footsteps. Her acting career is quite successful.

Ozzy and Kelly Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne is a father of three wonderful children – Jack, Kelly and Aimee. Kelly decided to become successful and famous as her father after her acting in the reality show The Osbournes. She stares in TV shows and films and also released her album.

Stella and Paul McCartney

Sir Paul McCartney is a famous name in the history of music. He is one of the founders of The Beatles and a writer of the world-famous pop songs. His daughter, Stella McCartney has become a successful fashion designer.

Quincy and Rashida Jones

Quincy Jones is a famous music producer. His daughter is a successful American actress, who starred in many films. She filmed successfully in The Office. Rashida is often asked what it is like to have such famous parents.

Will, Willow and Jaden Smith

Will Smith is a father of three talented children – Willow, Jaden and Trey. Jaden filmed in After Earth and The Pursuit of Happiness. Willow became really successful after the release of her song “Whip My Hair”.

Brian and Allison Williams

You don`t have to wonder, that Allison Williams has become a successful TV star. Her mother is a TV producer and her father, Brian Williams is a host of NBC Nightly News.

Steven, Liv and Chelses Tyler

Steven Tyler is a famous Aerosmith rocker, who has four children. It was very interesting for them to grow up with a star father. Liv Tyler has become a successful actress. Chelsea decided to follow her father`s footsteps and became a musician.

Ben and Jerry Stiller

It`s no wonder, that Ben Stiller is comedian, as both of his parents – Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara are also comedians. It`s just genetic. Ben and Jerry starred together in The Heartbreak Kid.

Alan and Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke isn`t the only star in the family. His father was the star of the late `80s. Alan Thicke hit the TV show Growing Pains. He is proud of his son and it is quite comfortable to be referred as just his father.