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4 Compelling Facts Why You Should Study IT Degree in Germany in 2017

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In the last years, actually as well as in the last century, we can observe an extreme and quick development and evolution of technologies. This is all due to the profit that technologies bring to people’s lives, easing the processes and making the conditions of living more comfortable.

Among all the stream of technological development in the world there can be distinguished IT sphere and all it constituents. As the computer science is developing unbelievably fast, IT is claimed as never before. And to be an IT engineer nowadays means to have a strong and confident future, stability and also interesting and always self-developing job. If you like to deal with computers, operating systems, various kinds of software, this job will absorb you totally in a positive meaning and will bring you joy and serious income.

1.Germany is educational center of Europe

More and more students from other countries come to Germany to get the appropriate higher education and ensure the future. Germany annihilated tuition fees concerning the higher education and this is one of the reasons why so many students come to it for knowledge obtaining. The numbers tell themselves – about 12% of students in Germany are international students. The higher education institutions in Germany are undoubtedly high-ranked and prestigious, and at the same time the costs for studying is not so high in comparison with many other European institutions. Also, a flexible educational system gives you the opportunity to study and to work at the same time, thus, making contribution to your future from the first stems in the sphere.

2.A big amount of majors to choose for you

In Germany the sphere of computer science and IT can suggest a number of study programs for students to make a proper choice. A lot of universities of applied science in this country grant you the possibility to study digital media, software engineering, social computing, computational linguistics, or intelligent systems along with other disciplines, connected with IT. As more and more innovations appear in computer science each year, there also emerge new custom disciplines at the educational institutions for students. This great variety guarantees that you will find what is the most suitable for you and after finishing the studying of it, you will be able to find the job that covers all your requirements and meet all your needs.

3.High wages for IT engineers

The IT sphere is highly appreciated and valued all over the world and being a specialist in any of its streams means that your position will be well-paid and bring you a number of benefits. In Germany an average salary for an engineer dealing with IT is about 4000 Euro per month. Also such jobs provide you with the opportunity of a career growth and professional development, so gaining experience and new skills you will be promoted to a higher position with more advantages and bigger income. Another nice feature of such job is that most of IT companies have a number of advantages for its employees, guaranteeing various insurance policies, discounting for many medical and sport streams etc.

4.It graduates have excellent opportunities for employment

In Germany there are a lot of companies, from the smallest to the giants, like Skytec, Siemens or BMW, that are the most convenient and excellent place to work as a computer engineer. From a technical analyst or a developer to a software engineer, any of these positions are available for you at such companies after you get the appropriate education and graduate from German higher institution. Germany has the biggest economy in Europe and the third in the world, as many companies make investments in their research and development. The IT market here is one of the biggest and the most prosperous, so any IT sphere person can find something suitable for him- or herself.

We hope that the above provided facts have assured you that the life, connected with obtaining the IT degree in Germany, is your first but very convincing step to innovative and prosperous future.